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Wedding Dress Alterations

We are experts when it comes to carrying out alterations, repairs and re-fits to wedding dresses in Winsford.

Wedding Dress Experts

If you have found your dream dress but it isn’t fitting as it should or requires alterations of some kind, we are here to help.

We can even work on re-modelling and styling vintage dresses or wedding dresses that have been passed down through the family. By putting ourselves in your shoes, we understand that your wedding day is a truly magical one, so you deserve for everything to be perfect and to look as it should. By bringing your dress to us, we can carry out any alterations or refinements so that your dress not only looks fabulous but fits you like a glove. In order to look perfect, you need your wedding dress to fit beautifully.

Ring the changes with us, big or small

We want you to feel confident and comfortable from day one when you hand over your prized dress to us.

We want you to feel confident and comfortable from day one when you hand over your prized dress to us. Rest assured that we will treat it with exactly the same regard as you do; our expert team of seamstresses will carry out a refined and pristine job, handling your dress with all the care and attention that it deserves. The end result will be a dress that you will be proud to be seen in and one that will make your special day that extra bit out of the ordinary. 


Working with the bridal party

We don’t restrict ourselves to working only with brides.

If you have other people within the wedding group that require repairs or alterations to their wedding attire, we can work with them too.  Used to working with grooms, fathers of the bride, mothers of the bride and bridesmaid, all and sundry can benefit from the care and attention lavished on their outfits by our expert team.  By entrusting us to look after your alterations and repairs for wedding dresses and attire in Winsford, you will not only look good but will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are working with only the best.

All of our clients are special and so our focus and concentration is always on you and your attire.  By emphasising our way of working and making it always on a one-to-one basis, you know that from the time that your consultation is carried out to the day you collect the finished item, you will be dealing with one person only.



Adding the finishing touches

If your wedding dress is perfect but you need help with accessories or finishing touches, we can provide them too.

If veils are too long or too short, need trimmings adding, sashes are needed or even lace or beads included in the array, we can deal with all enhancements and decorations. Because we work in such a careful way, the end result will be perfectly exquisite and onlookers will find it hard to believe that your dress was not made that way originally.

If you have a wedding date in the diary and your dress is not already in perfect shape, get in touch with us. By allowing you access to our team of exemplary seamstresses, you can get your wedding dress made perfect in every way.


So, if you live in the Winsford area and are looking for someone to carry out alterations and repairs, why choose us?

Our team are not only experienced and well-trained but their many years’ of experience allows them to provide you with a service of the highest quality.  When you visit to collect your finished garments, you will find the finish pristine and everything matching perfectly, including such things as zips, trims and buttons.