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Mens Clothing Alterations

With a business based centrally in Winsford, we are ideally located to provide you with pristine and precise repairs and alterations to all types of men’s garments. We can help and assist you with re-styles, re-designs and repairs as needed. Attention to detail is our motto and as well as paying particular attention to detail, we always provide a quote derived from our competitive pricing scheme. We work on all types of garments and all fabrics. Suits, jeans, jackets, shirts, trousers; all of them can be re-modelled, repaired or altered to give a new look and a great fit.


Men’s clothing alterations in Winsford

With our eye continually on the ball, our goal is to provide all customers with a pristine finished garment of high quality.

Whether you bring in one item or a whole multiple wardrobe, each and every one will be finished to the same high quality and standard.  We will not rely on the measurements you give us but will check them to ensure a perfect fit and look.  Your brief will be absorbed and responded and, with interim try-ons and fittings carried out part way through the process if the alterations are very complex or the project a large one.

We can refine any garment to give a perfect fit and a new look.  Detailed alterations and repairs can even be made to larger heavier items such as woollen coats, suede or even leather.


Get a new look for your wardrobe of clothes!

Repairs to clothing are very popular as when they are carried out correctly, professional mending can often not even be detected.

The life of your clothes is extended and your favourite items made to last.  However, we also specialise in remodelling and alterations.  Don’t bin your favourite wardrobe items just because they need adjusting or tweaking in size or shape.  We can help, whether it comes to just sewing on a button to match one long lost, replacing a rivet or re-fashioning whole garments.  Make them look new and fresh again with just a little help from us.

Everyday items of clothing or special occasions outfits all fall under the shelter of our remit; business suits, wedding attire, trousers and jackets can all be fine-tuned to make them look and feel that extra bit unique.  If you have leather or suede items or intricate changes to be made, we will carry out all work expertly and discreetly so that the finished garment will look great.

Get in touch with us now to get your favourite items of clothing repaired, updated and re-styled.


So, if you live in the Winsford area and are looking for someone to carry out alterations and repairs, why choose us?

Our team are not only experienced and well-trained but their many years’ of experience allows them to provide you with a service of the highest quality.  When you visit to collect your finished garments, you will find the finish pristine and everything matching perfectly, including such things as zips, trims and buttons.