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Ladies Clothing Alterations

If you are a lady in Winsford looking for alterations to clothes and garments, we are here to help.

We have in place an experienced and capable team who can help with repairs and alterations to ladies and girls’ clothing, including suits, frocks and dresses. It makes no difference whether you are looking for a minor repair or an intricate re-design, we can help with amendments to all types of garments. As experts, we can help with alterations to ladies clothing as well as repairs and re-styles. Based in Winsford, we are on the doorstep to carry out all tailoring and repair work as required.

You give us the detail; we make the changes

Once we know what you want, we will work quickly and efficiently to make the changes.

Whatever type of fabric your garments are made of, we can work with it; even dealing with intricate and delicate items such as wedding and ball gowns.  Once we know exactly what you want, we will put together a full evaluation and provide you with a set price.  Our team can even work with heavier materials such as leather and suede or wool.  Re-sizing and repairs will be carriedout carefully and precisely so that you will unable to detect the alterations or repairs made.

Our seamstresses have been working on alterations and repairs to ladies clothing for a long time; we know what customers want and go all out to provide it.  Don’t worry if you have gone up or down a few sizes – we can accommodate your clothing to suit your shape and figure.  Even the best clothing does not look good if it fits badly which is why we will ensure that when you next wear your favourite outfit you will look as stunning as you should.

All ladies and girls’ garments catered for

Our skilled and helpful team can work on all types of ladies clothing, carrying out alterations and repairs as needed.

Simple or complex and intricate, we will make sure that they fit superbly.  You may wish to get a whole wardrobe of clothes given a make-over or simply one or two.  We can deal with one-offs as well as bulk requests.  Our aim is to save you money and time by re-working your valuable and much loved clothes to make sure that you always look and feel pristine.

Before we get started

We always ensure that we obtain a full brief from our clients before we get started.

Your measurements will be checked and noted and we will study each item separately, making sure that we understand exactly what you need to be carried out.  Too big, too long or too loose; we can take out and let in seams and re-work superbly.

Whether you have work clothes that want re-vitalising or just one or two items re-modelled, everything falls within our remit.  Suits, dresses, gowns, coats and jackets; all can be re-shaped to suit each season and your requirements.  If you have expensive items of clothing that need to be invisibly mended, we can even help with this.

So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call now or pop into our Winsford premises. Let us save you money by repairing rather than disposing of your favourite things.


So, if you live in the Winsford area and are looking for someone to carry out alterations and repairs, why choose us?

Our team are not only experienced and well-trained but their many years’ of experience allows them to provide you with a service of the highest quality.  When you visit to collect your finished garments, you will find the finish pristine and everything matching perfectly, including such things as zips, trims and buttons.